Strategic partnerships

SMIC, a consortium comprising companies, universities, and public bodies, spearheads an extensive exploration for technologies to drive product and process innovation forward. Situated at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Serbia, SMIC fosters partnerships with diverse business collaborators, spanning technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more. These collaborations drive advancements in research, technology application, and workforce development. SMIC’s extensive network of local and international business partners provides valuable insights and access to cutting-edge research and skilled graduates. 

Through innovative programs and joint projects, SMIC actively addresses industry challenges and contributes to the practical implementation of knowledge. This collaborative ecosystem fosters a dynamic learning environment and drives innovation with industry leaders.

Project partners

Project by
The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

Project supported by
The Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport

Project supported by
The Slovene Enterprise Fund

National and technical partners

National partner
University of Novi Sad

Technical Partner
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Knowledge partners

The SMIC concentrates on the automotive industry, focusing on embedded software technologies, industrial automation, power electronics, real-time modelling and simulation, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Automotive sector

Automotive sector

Automotive sector
NIT Academy

Industrial automation
INDAS Training Center

Modeling and real-time simulation solutions
Typhoon HIL

Collaboration and knowledge sharing with Slovenian organizations