The SMIC offers a diverse range of services

At SMIC, we offer a diverse range of services to propel manufacturing companies into the future. From SMEs to larger manufacturing entities and governmental bodies, we provide comprehensive support, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that drives digital transformation and enhances competitiveness.

General services

Knowledge sharing and competence building

SMIC provides services, knowledge, and competences to ministries, agencies, and international bodies, contributing to the development of innovation and business ecosystems in Serbia. We specialize in the adoption, adaptation, and diffusion of advanced digital technologies and materials, enhancing manufacturing competitiveness.

Awareness initiatives

Organizing round tables, conferences, and workshops to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges presented by digital transformation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and Industry 5.0 technologies for Serbian SMEs and larger manufacturing companies.

Innovation hub

SMIC acts as an innovation hub and a center of competence for advanced 4IR and Industry 5.0 technologies. We facilitate effective interactions between academia, industry, business support systems, and governmental bodies, fostering regional innovation system and business ecosystem development.

Lean management and digital lean services

Offering services and shop floor assistance on Lean Management, Lean 4.0 Management, and Digital Lean for process optimization.

Training packages

Providing training packages on digitalization, automation, and the business environment tailored for start-ups and scale-ups in innovative digital technologies and smart materials.

Special technological services

Readiness assessment

Offering services and shop floor assistance on Lean Management, Lean 4.0 Management, and Digital Lean for process optimization.

Education and training

Delivering education and training in the field of SMIC.

Consulting services

Offering consulting services for companies in digital technologies, Lean, and Digital Lean concepts, including collaboration with the existing LEAN Competence Center at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

Technology demonstration

Showcasing the use of new 4IR and Industry 5.0 technologies.

Product, process, and technology development

Driving innovation through the development of new products, processes, and 4IR technologies.

Specialized technological services include:

AI and digital twins
Robotics and automation
CNC machines and communication