Drive transformative changes within the manufacturing sector

We offer comprehensive support for innovative initiatives in both product development and production processes. We provide tangible assistance to companies by leveraging our technical resources, skilled human capital, and collaborative network. Our primary focus is on spearheading digital transformation, which involves essential activities for navigating evolving competitive landscapes. Here, SMIC plays a pivotal role, offering support through digital practices and cutting-edge technologies. Participation in SMIC projects offers insights into industry trends and opportunities to shape the future of various sectors. Through collaboration, companies access tools and knowledge for thriving in the digital era. Our commitment to innovation underscores our dedication to fostering a dynamic business environment, helping companies stay ahead in rapidly evolving markets.

Our projects areas

Industry 4.0 strategy

We develop strategies tailored to the specific needs of your company to harness the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution effectively.

Technology scouting

We continuously monitor the latest technological trends and identify innovations relevant to your industry, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Technology consulting

We provide expert advice on the implementation of the latest technologies in your business, helping you make informed decisions about technological investments.

Innovation, industrial research, and experimental development

We foster innovation by implementing industrial research and experimental development projects, assisting you in advancing products and production processes.

Demo, test before invest, and prototyping

We facilitate the creation of demo versions, testing concepts before major investments, and developing prototypes to verify the feasibility and functionality of ideas.

Industry 4.0 validation

We comprehensively validate Industry 4.0 projects, ensuring that implemented innovations align with set goals and standards.


We offer educational initiatives to empower your workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge for the successful adoption and integration of Industry 4.0 technologies. These projects aim to enhance the digital literacy and capabilities of your team, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate and contribute to the evolving industrial landscape.