Regional Conference “Enabling Progress: Industry 4.0 in Western Balkans”

The conference “Enabling Progress: Industry 4.0 in Western Balkans” (“4IR_in_WB”) aims to bring together government officials , academy experts, business supporting organizations, manufacturing companies and international donors around the topic of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 in the region. The event’s main goal is to identify the current challenges for Industry 4.0 adoption by the manufacturing sector and the key priorities for coordinated approach towards increasing the competitiveness of the industry sector in the Western Balkan region.

“4IR_in_WB” aims to showcase the latest innovations and technologies that are driving the digital transition of the Western Balkan region and to inspire the next generation of manufacturing professionals to take an active role in shaping the future of the industry.

“4IR_in_WB” will kick-off the recently established Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centre (SMIC) in Novi Sad. Located within the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, SMIC is dedicated to seamlessly integrating advanced digital technologies into Serbia’s and the wider Western Balkans region’s productive sector.

SMIC has been established as part of the UNIDO project supported by the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovene Enterprise Fund. The strategic partnership with the University of Ljubljana ensures the smooth transfer of cutting-edge expertise and technology with technical support from UNIDO, effectively benefiting companies in Serbia and across the Western Balkans.

  • Private and public sector industrial organizations (companies, clusters, research laboratories, incubators…) from all part of the value chain and various user-markets.
  • Discover new products and services and showcase your most favorable projects and products
  • Meet international experts and find partners to discuss innovative solutions and develop new commercial, technological or research projects
  • Learn more about the situation with the Industry 4.0 in the Western Balkans
For Industry
  • Looking for a sustainable technology or a specific skill? Gain access to successful projects and network with SMEs and research institutions.

“4IR_in_WB” introduces successful sustainable manufacturing projects to the industry players. Corporates have the chance to connect with startups, scaleups, SMEs and research institutions offering solutions to their challenges in new, unprecedented ways, enabling business to stay competitive.

For Research & Education
  • Looking for a partner to bring your research forward? Come network with thought leaders and businesses searching for sustainable research solutions to take innovation to another level.

“4IR_in_WB” offers you the chance to connect with industry players of all sizes searching for opportunities to test sustainable manufacturing solutions to take innovation to the next level.

For Startups, Scaleups & SMEs
  • Looking for talent, customers, mentoring or funding? Meet like-minded people with a growth mindset, searching for sustainable business solutions.

“4IR_in_WB” offers the chance to network with thought leaders, corporates and like-minded businesses searching for sustainable innovative solutions and addressing skill gaps.

More information about the event and how to register is available at