Exploring Innovation and Cooperation: UNIDO’s Visit to Belgrade, Serbia

In order to foster innovation and collaborative pathways, a UNIDO delegation embarked on a mission to Belgrade, Serbia. The mission, characterized by insightful engagements and strategic dialogues, aimed at exploring the innovation landscape and identifying avenues for cooperation. Led by Mr. Marco Kamiya, Chief, and accompanied by Ms. Sibilla Sartori, Project Associate, the delegation delved into a series of inspiring encounters.

The mission began with a visit to the Faculty of Technical Sciences, where the delegation engaged in fruitful discussions with the Faculty management team. Furthermore, the UNIDO team met with representatives from the Science and Technology Park Novi Sad.  The UNIDO delegation also visited companies like MikroElektronika and the Science and Technology Park Belgrade, where discussions centered on potential joint actions and ways for boosting innovation-driven growth.

The mission culminated in a pivotal meeting with H.E. Mr. Popovic, the Minister of Innovation and Technological Development of Serbia. This high-level dialogue underscored the mutual commitment to collaboration and laid the foundation for future joint endeavors.