UNIDO Explores Sustainable and Digital Industrial Development at Siemens AG in Erlangen

In a momentous gathering this week, Siemens AG in Erlangen had the distinct pleasure of hosting the esteemed United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and its dedicated team focused on Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. The occasion served as a convergence of minds, as industry leaders and academic experts united to explore the transformative potential of technology in fostering sustainable industrial development.

UNIDO, as the specialized agency of the United Nations mandated to promote and accelerate industrial development, brings a wealth of expertise and insight to the table. Siemens has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with UNIDO across various initiatives spanning Europe and beyond, making this collaboration particularly significant.

Joining the fray were esteemed professors from the Universities of Ljubljana and Novi Sad, adding an academic dimension to the discourse with their representation of the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC). Their presence underscored the collaborative spirit driving innovation at the intersection of academia and industry.

The visit provided a firsthand glimpse into Siemens’ pioneering efforts in driving sustainable and digital industrial development, effectively bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. At the Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC) and Electronics Factory (GWE), guests were treated to a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of manufacturing.

The visit not only served as an opportunity for Siemens to showcase its technological prowess but also paved the way for meaningful discussions on future cooperation activities. As stakeholders from diverse backgrounds converged to exchange ideas and insights, the stage was set for collaborative endeavors aimed at driving sustainable industrial development forward.