UNIDO Mission to Belgrade and Novi Sad: Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

In a bid to boost innovation and collaboration in the Western Balkans region, UNIDO representatives embarked on a mission to Belgrade and Novi Sad. Their objectives were clear: to fortify partnerships, refine business models, and advance collaborations with the private sector.

The mission kicked off with essential meetings in Belgrade, where UNIDO representatives engaged with prominent figures including Ms. Jelena Begović, Minister of Scientific, Technological Development, and Innovation. The discussions were fruitful, with Minister Begovic expressing full support for the projects and advocating for integration with Serbia’s Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence.

Further discussions with Mr. Stefan Badza, Director for Special Projects, Cabinet of the Prime Minister, showcased the government’s commitment to scaling up projects with the European Union. Badza proposed UNIDO’s support for Serbia’s Artificial Intelligence strategy and pledged governmental assistance in coordinating with private sector stakeholders to integrate projects seamlessly.

Transitioning to Novi Sad, engagements with the University of Novi Sad revealed exciting prospects. The university pledged to host the projects, offering logistical support and potentially becoming a regional hub for innovation in the Western Balkans.

In summary, the mission to Belgrade and Novi Sad exemplified UNIDO’s commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development in the Western Balkans region. With partnerships solidified and plans refined, the stage is set for transformative advancements in science, technology, and industry.